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Residents in College Grove, TN, are you tired of glaring sunlight, high energy bills, or security concerns? Meet CoolVu of Middle Tennessee and Cool Springs, your one-stop shop for top-notch window film installation. With over 30 years of expertise and a dedicated team, we’re here to offer you unparalleled quality and service.

We get it—when it comes to your home or business, quality matters. That’s why our team of professionals specializes in delivering exceptional window solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our partnership with DefenseLite amplifies our offerings, ensuring safety without sacrificing aesthetics. But we don’t just stop at quality; we’re committed to innovation. The window film industry is ever-evolving, and we make sure we’re up-to-date on all the latest technologies and trends. So, what’s the end game? An efficient, effective, and aesthetically pleasing window solution designed just for you.

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Our services include the following:

  • Defensive Shields: Enhance the safety of your space with our bullet-resistant and anti-smash-and-grab glass and window films.
  • Security Film: Safeguard against theft and vandalism with our anti-shatter security films.
  • Window Tinting: Achieve comfort, privacy, and UV protection with our custom window tinting service.
  • Wall and Window Graphics: Promote your business effectively with our creative graphics design.
  • Surface Finishes: Revitalize your space with our wide range of surface finishes.

Whether it’s your home that needs some UV protection or your commercial space requiring enhanced security, we’re ready to deliver. Reach out to CoolVu of Middle Tennessee and Cool Springs for a commitment-free consultation. You’ll quickly discover why our attention to detail and customer satisfaction sets us miles apart from the competition. It’s high time you gave your windows the upgrade they deserve.


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Every service we offer is carefully crafted to not only boost the look and utility of your space but also to provide the utmost safety and protection. Get exceptional window solutions.